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Get to know Chef V. Cakes

I have always loved to cook since I was a little girl and my Nana gave me my first EasyBake Oven. I stayed in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, over time learning how to cook with love, not measurements. I learned to listen to my senses and create amazing dishes. I remember being in the kitchen making up recipes for my sister and brother and at first - it wasn't always great. Fast forward to college (shoutout to Southern University and A&M College) and living in Baton Rouge, LA. While in school I cooked for my friends all the time in our dorm at Totty Hall. I worked at a soul food spot and learned so much from those fun older ladies. I fell in love with all the delicious cajun dishes and creole spices. Once I moved back to Michigan I brought those flavors with me. It wasn't until 2017 that I saw I really had the potential to get paid for what I loved to do. I was only cooking for friends and entertainment, but I'd post on social media from time to time. One day a video of MY chicken and shrimp Baked Penne Alfredo went viral, gaining over 24 million views. People from all over the world wanted to get recipes and food from me.

I started selling dinners out of my kitchen and that opened so many doors. I'm so grateful for EVERYONE who believes in me, helped me, and put me in the right circles to network. I have catered, I was head chef at a club, I sold dinners, I’ve catered private dinners as well as couples dining. As I maneuvered my professional chef career I noticed good seasonings that are not high in sodium but still give you provide full flavor were too far and in between. While curating the flavors for my hand-blended spices I had my family in mind. And not only my close family but my community as well. Heart disease and diabetes are the leading causes of death and affect so many in our own lives. Watching my relatives struggle with these health issues and not enjoying good food gave me the motivation to start my spice line. I am looking forward to expanding and dropping new flavors!

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